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Let us turn your idea into a marketable product!

Our New Product Development Department's talented industrial designers – all graduates of top-tier design schools – are poised to bring your ideas to life. At this stage, the possibilities are endless, and there is no such thing as a bad idea! Our role is to consider all aspects of your project in detail from a variety of angles, such as the form, function, and ergonomics of your future product. We keep you updated at every step of the way, providing you with sketches, trend boards, and animated videos to help you get a feel for the concept under development.

Once the concept phase has been completed, our industrialisation and design teams – comprising specialised plastics engineers – ensure the product is feasible from a technical viewpoint. We seek the best solutions to ensure that your product can be manufactured on an industrial scale at an optimal price, placing a particular focus on eco-design and recyclability and choosing the most appropriate materials and processes.

We provide ABS mock-ups using a 3D printer to bring your project to life.

We can also help prepare CE marking applications, search through existing patents, file your own, and manage your account over the long term.