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Plastic injection and assembly

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Stiplastics has been renewing its fleet of machinery, purchasing robots and focusing on its product finishing capacities for many years, always endeavouring to have the machine or the tool to meet your needs.

A site devoted to the injection of pharmaceutical packaging solutions and medical devices

Stiplastics is an expert in plastic injection. Its historic Beauvoir-En-Royans site boasts the following facilities:

  • 2,000m2 devoted to plastic injection and clean room production, including a new test centre, and packaging.
  • 1,500m2 of storage, accommodating over 1,550 pallets of raw materials, components, packaging and finished products that can be stored.

As a result, the company now boasts an extensive and modern fleet of machinery that enables it to achieve an exemplary level of performance:

  • 23 automated injection presses with monitoring software, enabling it to relay information in real time.
  • The In-Mold Labelling technology for medical applications.
  • Packaging and supply chain management.
  • Metrology using a three-dimensional measuring machine.

An ISO 7 clean room

Stiplastics has introduced a clean room production area that has been perfectly designed and adapted to reflect Good Manufacturing Practice requirements in its attempts to satisfy the needs associated with manufacturing medical devices in a controlled environment.

This new production line is equipped with a fully electric injection presses ? equipped with a laminar flow and a wraparound belt to avoid any contamination. This tool has been designed to combine speed, flexibility and reduced energy consumption.

Complete with a laminar flow hood positioned above the injection area, this press is unusual in that it is installed outside of the clean room. Thanks to the wraparound belt, the parts produced are delivered directly to the clean room for packaging, thus preventing any contamination.

Fitting this facility externally increases the speed and flexibility with which tools can be changed and assembled. It also makes it easier to manage the temperature of the machine, thus reducing energy consumption.

A test centre

One press is devoted specifically to the injection tests so essential to the production of prototypes. The test centre therefore enables the company to be both efficient and reactive by testing the feasibility of the projects with which it is entrusted. It also enables the client to visualise a part in different materials and colours.

A site devoted to the assembly of medical devices and storage

In order to support its growth, Stiplastics has invested in new production capacities with the construction of a second factory devoted specifically to the finishing and storage of the parts produced.

This new factory, located in St Marcellin, close to the company's historic Beauvoir-En-Royans site, spans some 2,300m2, with the potential to further extend it by 4,600m2 (to 6,900m2), depending on the company's future needs.

The St Marcellin factory, which has been operational since January 2015, is devoted to the assembly of medical devices and to storage and boasts the following facilities:

  • 4 fully-automated multi-component assembly lines with on-line monitoring.
  • 800m2 of optimised storage with a capacity of 1,250 pallets.

A team of experts that is attentive to its clients' needs

In addition to its machinery, Stiplastics first and foremost comprises a team of experts in the fields of design, industrialisation and manufacturing, moulds and assembly machinery, among other things, which is where the wealth of the company lies.

They are responsible for coordinating and monitoring the production of both pilot phases and standard runs, developing specific machines designed to meet your needs and conducting productivity gains studies at the manufacturing process optimisation phase.